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Bunch of awesome passes tonight!


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Finally out of the triple digits here in Phoenix in my EB Flex. 85 degrees F at 9pm tonight, air was at 3500' DA tonight, not great... I went to the track with 2.5 gallons of 100 octane and 1.5 gallons of 91 octane gas with Torrie 93 octane tune. First two passes were 13.9X with 2.1 60' at 100.XX MPH. I tried launching at 2250 and 1250 and neither made a difference. First pass was as soon as I got there with no cool down, 36 psi in the front tires and second pass was with 1 hour cool down and icing the intake and 26 psi in the front tires.

Waited another 30 minutes making sure to ice the intake box and tubing on right side and the air inlet tube/IAT and intake manifold.

OK tried 2000 RPM launch - 2.074 60' with a 13.768 at 100.74 pass, finally!

So 2K rpm launch is the key, waited 20 more minutes icing the intake again, another 13.775@100.70 2.065 60'.

Hot lapped it, 13.808@100.81 2.083 60' then ran another hot lap pass, 13.824@101.07 2.108 60', hot lapped again, 13.733@100.91 2.040 60' all of these at approximately 2K rpm launch, then tried to do 2250 RPM launch 13.824@101.07 2.108 60', brakes were so hot I couldn't hold the car anymore.

So it looks like my sweet spot is 26 psi in the tires and 2K rpm launch.


Next step is a pair of http://cididit.com/exhaust_bypass_valve_info.htm boost cutouts to open up the exhaust and see what that does for me. I barely drive the car anymore since I work from home so I don't mind running 100 octane in it mixed due to our poor gas locally.

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