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About the only thing I DO-NOT like.....


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I have spoken to many in my area that have the Taurus. All have the same conclusion.

After driving a bit, my RT foot really starts to hurt and lower shin area.


I believe it is because of the floor.

It is stepped in the area of where your RT heel usually is and also the large radius from floor into the center tunnel.

Your heel wants to slide sideways towards the brake pedal.


When I first bought it in Las Vegas, the drive back to OC was when I first noticed it. I thought lobg drives were going to be hell but even short ones are a pain.


Has anyone here have this problem? :)

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Can't say it has been an issue for me. I believe it is a design "throwback" to the earlier generation cars. I know our 98 Wagon and 99 Sable both had a raised foot rest in that area, and I think it is just an evolution of that rest. Maybe it's because I have short legs that it isn't a problem for me.

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