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2013 SHO MAF and 170* t-stat


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I see Torrie is selling both on his site. I'm thinking about getting an Xcal3 or iTSX for my SHO and these items are only a few bucks more, so wondering if there was any advantage, and what that advantage would be,to getting either one, or both, when I have Torrie do my tunes.


I don't see any threads talking about it (but I didn't look really deep into the site either).

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I've been running Torrie's 170 Thermo for a couple of years now......


I don't have any data logging of my own to speak of it's direct benefits, however, once I requested LMS to adjust my tune file (to cycle the fans on at a lower temp than what is/was set from the factory) it seemed like my car was "peppier" and more responsive.


Haven't looked back since.


IDK bout those devices you mention, but see them advertised here.....


I would be willing to say that if Unleashed's selling 'em, then they're reputable and likely beneficial.


I am currently using an SCT x3 w/ tune files provided by LMS, and anticipate segue-ing into the MyCal device as I am now running Methanol.


Good luck, and if you do decide to pull the trigger on either, or both of these as stated in your OP, please post up your personal experiences as I'm sure said info would be beneficial to any others like you, that may be sitting on the fence.


Thanks! :thumb:


Mike :yo:

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I am unaware of a modded MAF sensor for the SHO. Also brings to mind I don't believe the SHO even has one at least not 2010-12's don't. Perhaps others will chime in on this and refresh my memory. Ok I just reread and check torrie site, you must mean the bar 3 map sensor. The bar 3 map sensor in my opinion is reserved for meth inject cars, as it isn't needed without meth. Reason being non meth inject cars can not safely be boosted as high as car with meth. So unless you intend to meth inject it isn't needed, and offers no gains. Just able better read higher boost levels. But thermostat in conjunction with a tune to turn the fans on at lower temp works great.

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Yea, if he's referring to the 3bar MAP sensor, then I second what Chris explained.


It's not necessary to replace the factory 2bar MAP, due to the fact that you wouldn't theoretically be pushing the boost on the turbo's beyond the capabilities of the 2bar MAP (which is something close to like 14.2psi).


If you're gonna opt in for the Methanol Kit, your tune will raise boost on the turbo's in excess of the 14.2 capabilites of the 2bar MAP, thus, as a DIRECT result, users will need to replace it with a 3bar MAP accordingly.

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