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Sometimes Sync can be so frustrating!


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Was driving today running some "excuse to go driving" errands and after getting back in my SHO to drive home, my iPhone wouldn't sync to the car, no bluetooth, USB and GPS wasn't working either, and the command-listening challenged lady of the car also refused to work. I was so irritated because it is one of the major reasons for returning my 2012 Explorer Limited in the first place. After taking a look at the car and checking around, I decided to turn the car back on...NO SCREEN NOW! Turned it off and back on again and low and behold... Sync System Scheduled Maintenance screen pops up then after it magically all works now. I seriously wish the system would update at more appropriate times not when I'm driving and could use oh I dunno, 90% of the features I need to use when on the road.

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