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Weather Radar is not showing up on my weather map in MFT

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I'm not sure I know last week I had a Sirrus issue for a few days the radio kept telling me that my Sirrus subscription was not active. Then after 2 days I could no longer receive Sirrus. I know that it was incorrect because my subscription is not due for renewal until Feb. 2013. Called Sirrus and somehow my radio required a reactivation code. Don't know what happened, but after they sent the code everything has been working correctly and no more messages. Good luck. Keep us updated to what you discover.

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Sirrus tip: Every time you call, enter the number choice for "Cancel my service"... this gets you an American on the other end of the phone!


I was told this by a very helpful Sirrus employee recently after some very ineffective communications with folks that didn't seem very American to me, even if they claimed their names were "Jim" or "Bob"!

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the last few days, i no longer get radar information. The 5 day forecast and current weather are fine.


It was raining cats and dogs twice now, on no info on the map. Is this a sync issue, or a sirius issue?


The weather map is not capable of showing "cat" or "dog" precipitation, just the H2O kind.


Enough of the shenanigans though.


I have that issue from time to time. The map only updates once every 3-5 minutes (sometimes longer). Having Sirius reset it wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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