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Top speed with meth and tune.

steve o

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Beats me? I want say someone with a tune had there car 150+mph and hadn't redline yet, but trans was hunting back forth from 5th-6th gear. Now if that it some limiting factor the drivetrain it may not be able to exceed. I know me myself where to really get out and opener up I wouldn't push faster then 150mph. For one not many cars have the brakes to brake from them speeds and ours certainly doesn't. In my teenage years I drove a corvette on the freeway at 165mph and it took me several miles of brake to safely return back to freeway speeds, because every time I pushed on the brakes I could instantly smell them burning so I would apply pressure for a few seconds and let off. And at 165mph you clipping off a mile about every 15 seconds. And beside I would be afraid I would find the engines breaking point by doing, just because I have found out this way way before. Not by throwing a rod or anything by fuel system leaning out and burning holes in the pistons or breaking pistons.

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Chris is bringing a very good point about the brakes and it is mainly why I haven't tested it yet... and the lack of a track as well... But, if I had a dry lake of 15 miles long with no wind factor, no traffic, etc., my guess is that:


With meth, LMS, stage 5 = over 500 hp and over 500 lbs of torque, Airaid, X-pipe and custom exhaust, H&R spring (helps aerodynamic for high speeds for sure)


Top speed would be between 170-175 mph, pretty sure.


We already had that debate in another thread, but when I was young I drove my dads Caddy STS at 160 mph. It was a bit lighter (around 3800 lbs if I remember), the aerodynamic was not as good as the SHO, esp with H&R and it was N/A engine with 300 hp... made in 1994!


Here are a few recent luxury sedans with top speeds:


Panamera turbo, v8 twin turbos, 500 hp, 188 mph

Maserati Quattroporte GT-S, 440 hp, 177 mph

Mercedes CLS AMG, V8, 507 hp, 155mph blocked, but 180mph+ unblocked

CTS-V, 556 hp, 191 mph

Continental FLying Spur, 600hp, 200mph

Aston Martin Rapide, 470 hp, 180 mph +


And here are some top speed of more afordable cars :


Hyundai Genesis Spec R, 429 hp, limited at 155 mph

2012 300 or Charger Srt8, 465hp, 175 mph (that is a good indicator in my opinion)

2012 RS4, 450 hp?, top speed limiter at 181 mph...


Now according to GPS, speedos are about 2-3% faster than GPS, so you can remove about 5 mph to those top speeds for accurate measures with a GPS.


So, again, with lowered suspension and over 500hp/500lbs, when we remove spare and not full tank of gas, curb weight of the car is about 4,315lbs... So my 170-175mph gotta be a very good estimation. I will argue with anyone coming with a lower number than 170 mph. I pushed it a few times at about 130-135mph and the car is making it look so easy. Actually, if I cruise at 120 mph (in 6th, and hit the gas, it still gives a kick back like a normal car would do when you hit it at 50mph!!! So, an extra 40 mph seems very reachable...




Steve (the Number guy!) lol

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The car hits the limiter very easy stock' date=' I would guess that unrestricted stock the cars is good for at least 165mph. I'm thinking meth and tune it's got to hit around 185, I just wanted to see how close those numbers are.[/quote']


I don't think they would reach 165mph totally stock if no speed limiter... Lok at the following video of a guy getting around 150mph (speedo stops at 140mph but he continues to accelerate)... It doesn't look that easy to breake through the air at those speed.




But anyone that has their car tuned, especially with meth and stage 5, can tell that they are two different cars (stock vs modded). My guess is that stock goes until 160mph and modded 175mph, but modded gets to 160mph 30 seconds faster than stock!

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