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2013 MFT...any way to keep the radio from automagically switching to USB everytime

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Doesn't your phone hook up and stream through the Bluetooth connection. If so I think that connection will be less disruptive to your previous audio settings. Of course if you are looking to charge your phone also, you may have to put up with the disruption the USB connector provides.



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Thanks Scott for answering this fellow member's question.


I, and i'm pretty sure most of us pre '13 owners, are kind of at a loss with some of these questions that are presented.


It's great to have you part of our community, and it's even better seeing you and your fellow '13 model year owners help'n each other out.


Thanks my friend. Hope all's well with you.


Mike :yo:


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hey whats up, i have the same issue and same iphone 4 and i only do it and leave it plugged in cause i need to charge it any and every chance i get, so i think honestly you have to suck it up or maybe with the new iphone5 it will b better? idk but i do feel ur pain and have same issues and have no solutions i just deal with it, good luck




Yeah. I am still on an iPhone 4 from well over 2 years ago. I need to charge it any chance I get.


Plus, I only get album art via USB.

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