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Installed photos of Livernois Motorsports SHO Downpipe

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Here are some photos of our downpipe with high flow cats installed.


Constructed of US T304 Stainless Steel

Direct bolt on upgrade

Available Catted and Non-catted with no need for o2 extensions

Reduces backpressure

Compatible with Livernois developed calibration


Catted is $999.99

Offroad is $849.99


Order yours here!


I had questions regarding the OEM belly pan and it does fit with our pipe.


Photos with belly pan removed










Photo with belly pan in place






Rick LeBlanc

Livernois Motorsports

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I will 2nd what EBB stated, having the under belly pan on/in place, is definitely desirable.


I am wondering now what the differences are between my set (made by another vendor not here on EBOF) versus this design offered by LMS :noidea:


Of course, I never really did try to fit that pan on after installing these pipes.


Maybe i'll have to see if I can actually get it on (or not).


Either way, seems the power gains were noticeable, and I haven't even gotten a newly calibrated tune file yet.


I can't imagine what the difference will be when my SHO's all dialed in properly.




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Well, I am happy to report, while performing an oil change on my SHO this morning, that contrary to what I was told, I decided to try and replace my large under belly pan, and much to my delight, it fit!


So not sure I was told it wouldn't fit (following the install of my catless down pipes), but am thankful that it does.


Just wanted to put that out there.

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Our pipe is 2 1/2", the factory pipe is 2 1/4".




Rick, you really should get a picture of the stock ones next to these. The stock downpipes look as if they neck down to less than 2" as they curve around. This would be a HUGE benefit in getting the turbulent air away from the turbine wheel.

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Good observation(s)!


The stock piping actually reduces down to 1 7/8" post Cat....


If Rick doesn't get a chance to post up side by side images as comparisons, then check my individual thread on my set of catless down pipes for images.


Granted there are differences in the set I had made, versus the set(s) being sold by LMS, but you get the idea of the amount of restrictions by chk'n out the side by side comparo's.


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