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2013 pp - 12.95@107


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Hey guys - making my first post. Just ran my 2013 PP at Mason Dixon. Definitely not regretting trading my modded 2012 5.0 in on this. Decided I didn't need 2 and wanted a more comfortable DD. I also have a turbo 99 V6 Mustang making 474 whp on a cam only stock motor.


Weather was around 65, oddly my fastest pass was literally right off the road from a 3 hr drive and down the track.



1.90 60'


Livernois 2013 tune (equivalent to a 4+ according to Rick), AIRAID, H&R springs


First time at the track in this, I'll take it.


Probably end up doing Livernois downpipes over winter and head back in the spring.

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Nice run! I can venture a guess on the first run. If your driving your intake air temp sensor will read whatever the outside air is. If you let it sit will read hotter because of the heat off of the engine. Some guys have tried setting ice bags over their air inlet tube with noticeable results.


BTW Welcome!

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