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Video on youtube of my SHO doing 12.09 and 12.10 at almost 118 mph!


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Was going to try a run at your 12.12' date=' but you have already upped the anti! [/quote']


13.1 to 12.1 is a big step. Have you done things to your car since your best ET? Thanks on the compliment for cameras... I like editing the videos... Using Windows Live Movie Maker, it is very easy and quite fast... I tried Adobe (like Screaming), but it was not intuitive, so I went for the easy program... and it comes with Windoews 7 as opposed to pay 100+$ for Adode.




EDIT : You haven'T put your mod lists in your signature, so I had forgotten you now have meth. Do you have the mycal and stage 5 as well? That cut another 0.3 compared to stage 4+ and SCT... really worth the upgrade if you haven't done it yet... Good luck on catching me, I love competition and it is good that we keep pushiing each other... And now with the Mikes and Darrell with downpipes and even bigger turbos!!! That will set the bar high and a good objective to reach for next summer... My season is almost over. If I am lucky, I could get one or two more drag days and hopefully hit the track with a tailwind and temps in the 40's, that should put me into the 11's... Still possible, otherwise, next year...

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Yeah Steve I have done it all! At 13.11 I had stage 4, Magnaflow, Eibachs, and the stock airaid.


I have done the following since: Cut side of airaid out, removed 3rd cat and replaced with X pipe, 170 stat, 3 bar map, methanol injection, MyCal stage 5.


Only difference between us is the springs. If I am slower because of the springs I am going to try drag bags in the rear!

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Then it should be close race between the two of us. The only advantages I have for the moment is:

1) H&R springs being lower and a bit stiffer than Eibachs

2) Upgraded brakes allow for higher rpm launches (but my 60' aren't incredible, so probably not useful)

3) I have a custom exhaust with Dynomax and I like to believe that it is a special unique ingredients

4) hummmm... Can't think of any hahaha!

Good show Paul!



5) I have fast stickers

6) I am a premium member of this forum (for ten bucks, it cuts your ET by a tenth... well worth the $ and it is for a good cause at the same time!) ; )


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