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Me doing 0-125 mph on youtube


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Not my best run, but gives a good idea. I compared older videos of the SHO accelerating and it is crazy the improvement! Here are a few comparos:


Stock with springs / adding Livernois stage 4+, airaid and exhaust / adding meth and changing to stage 5


0-60 mph: 5.5 / 4.1 / 3.6

0-100 mph: 13.0 / 10.5 / 8.9

0-125 mph: ? (est.21.0) / 16.5 / 13.9


Looking forward to see the numbers with bigger turbos and downpipes! I know I'll make a video, but it'd be great for Darrell and Mike to film a few runs to make us salive... ; )





Oh yeah... Thamks to Livernois... again! lol

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Thanks guys! It gives a good idea of how the car moves as of now... On that video, the car was cool, but the brakes too and when I staged, I started to brake/torque and when I reached 1,800 rpm, the car started moving forward and I could launch as high as usual, which is why the 0-60 is a bit slower than usual... The 60' was 1.91 on that run instead of low 1.80's... But after that, no excuse, just that my best runs were done when temps were in the 50's outside... not in that video.


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