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Escort 9500ix and live smart hardwire.

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I plan to install this setup to the car, and I have a few questions.

How does the rain sensing/auto high beam bracket come off so I can tuck the wire in there?

How does the driver side a pillar come off?

Where can I find a power wire, on with ign?

Where should I mount the 1x1.5x.5 live module?

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Here's what the service manual says for the 2011 model year:


Unsnap the connector access cover from the LH side of the HCM-2 .


Disconnect the electrical connector from the headliner harness.



NOTICE: Do not use a metal tool or screwdriver, or pry on the cover or bracket. Damage to the bracket or windshield can occur.



NOTE: The snap locations are marked on the HCM-2 housing with 2 very small cutouts on the RH side.


NOTE: The HCM-2 is removed by separating the right side of the assembly from the windshield and sliding to the right. There is also hook-and-loop tape between the inside of the cover and the rain sensor.


While gently pulling downward on the right side of the cover, insert a thin plastic flat-bladed tool at each cutout notch and release the retaining clips.


Separate the HCM-2 from the windshield and disconnect the electrical connector from the rain sensor.





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If you tap into one of the empty "accessory" fuse slots under the drivers side dash, you will get instant on/off with ignition. I was having a heck of a time with it back when i hard-wired my 955, thinking one of the navigation or audio fuses would work for this but they stayed on even with the ignition off. I think i ended up trying almost every fuse until i decided to try one of the empty "accessory" slots. /facepalm

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