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I just installed a JMS BoostMax on my 2017 SHO, and I'm amazed! They say it builds 5 more lbs of boost, and I certainly don't doubt it! Supposed to add 89hp to it. I'll keep y'all posted on how it is to live with. So far it's perfect. Turn the control knob off, and it's all stock again.

I'm not associated with them, but a happy customer!




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I checked out their website.  It appears that for just a bit more money, a custom tune from a reputable tuner could be obtained.  I am not knocking this product but with several great tuners available for SHOs, I would feel better about using one of them.  I don't know about the "5 more pounds of boost" claim but there is a LOT more to creating a strong but safe tune than just cranking up the boost.

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It's a product that has been around for a while.


Not really a lot of great reviews previously, and some have said it's also gimmicky.


Although I think there was some rumor of one of the tuners out there, having rebranded it and tweaked it a little bit beyond it's original product release.


Me personally, I would rather place my hard earned money into an actual tune from one of the platform's reputable, longstanding tuners of the platform, rather than placing this onto my SHO.


As stated above, there's A LOT MORE involved in a quality, reliable, long lasting tune, than just simply cranking up the boost.


But it's the OP's car, so as long as he's happy, then so be it.

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