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Sony stereo restarts/reboots constantly


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For the past 3 days my Sony stereo in my 2010 SHO has been rebooting/restarting every 1-2 minutes. It quickly comes back on but it is obviously annoying. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone know how to fix it??

It started right after I wiped the fingerprints off of the screen and turning off the power. It was the first time I had wiped the touchscreen or powered off the stereo in mnay months.

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I personally haven't heard of this issue by any of our members. Or elsewhere for that matter.


Is the entire unit itself powering on/off, or just the satellite feed form Sirius being interrupted?


My initial thoughts would be you may have either a grounding issue, or an internal issue in the head unit itself that is on the fritz.


All your fuses still intact and working fine?


IDK really, hopefully someone here with more knowledge on the topic can / will pipe up for you and offer up a solution.


Welcome aboard btw :welcome:


Always good to post an "intro" thread before hopping on with questions.

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Along the lines of disconnected the power to attempt to reset the system, you might try monitoring the system voltage. It seems a few folks have been having OEM batteries that seem to fail prematurely. As voltage sensitive as so many of the systems in new cars are, your resets could be due to a weak battery or charging system issues. Have you happened to notice any correlation to the Sony restarts such as like when you press the brake pedal, when the A/C compressor kicks in, sharp turns (electric power steering), turning on heated seats, etc.?



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