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Sho @ sema

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Uh oh don't let BPD see these. Lol


Too late, already saw 'em..... not a fan of this particular car's overall "theme".


I was too busy posting all of my stuff in my Assembly Plant thread to comment earlier.




Not to sound nasty but I think I like bpd's paint scheme and overall execution better' date=' although that car is sharp![/b']


I heard a bunch of Ford Employee's today saying that my SHO should've been at SEMA. Maybe someday I exclaimed, still have an entire laundry list of other projects to check off 1st.


They each shook their collective heads like I was nuts.


This SHO's ok as it sits IMHO, but I wouldn't rock this on my ride.


bpd ROCKS!!!!!


Thank you sir :hail:


Thank you very, VERY much :hail:


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Looks like a Matte White Wrap on that SHO. It's not to bad but it doesn't give the beautiful hood any justice. There's a company out in California that does incredible wraps and even showcased the McClaren and Aventador they wrapped in their new Velvet Chrome. I want to wrap my SHO so badly but there's nothing decent out on the east coast.

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