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Where should I put a thread?


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Hey guys, number guy here...


Over the years, I have passed a lot of time surfing on the net for stats about cars. 1/4 mile times, fast cars vs hp/tq, 0-60, 0-100, conversion tools, calculators, etc.


I propose to start a thread where one could find all the info at the same place.


For example, if someone would like to have an idea of its horsepower based on 0-60 or based on 1/4 mile;

have an idea of 0-60 from time slip;

convert 1/8 mile run to 1/4 mile;

convert mph in kmh or gallons to liters;

list of fastest cars

compare specs of new cars,



If there is interest, I could start by putting all I have in a thread and if people have more info, links, calculators or formulas that they would like to share, I could add them in the first post of that thread by editing it.

Also, if people have request, I love doing that, so I could try looking for the info on the internet and share it there for the benfit of all of us.


So, I was looking where I should post such a thread so that logically, people could find it easily if they want to refer to it. I thought that maybe a new subsection in the Ecoboost performance section under drag racing called :«Links and calculators»... Would it be appropriate?


I am afraid that if I just post it in the lounge section, once most of the links and calculators will have been posted, the thread will go down the list and therefore difficult to consult.


Thanks for your imput.



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Great suggestion. I would PM your idea to ADMIN, as they are specifically the only one's that have the "powers" to create sub sections etc.


I like the concept, and it makes sense to keep them all collectively "bundled" in one, dedicated area.


I'm iffy on the title choice as initially proposed, but maybe that's something you can hammer out with ADMIN respectively.


Thanks for your continued input and involvement here :thumb:


Mike :yo:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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