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Home install of Livernois downpipes

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First off these are quality pipes, very impressed. Here is basically what I did including my mistakes just in case somebody else wants to try this at home. Here is what came in the box.




For prep I put the car on ramps in front, and jack stands in the rear. I quickly found that you can get a good shot at the right/rear downpipe with the passenger tire on. I jacked up the car and put a jack stand in front for support.


I started with removal of the mid/intermediate pipes.




I then moved to that right/rear pipe which was the hardest. The top O2 sensor has a plug way up there... Of course the release is on the top plug which I didnt realize at first. It is slid on a bracket and slides off easily.


I ended up leaving the sensor on the pipe as I couldnt get a straight shot at it. Here is a shot the 3 nuts holding the downpipe. At this point I had already taken 1 off. Best way is a strong impact.



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After the pipe was off I put it in a vice and got that pesky O2 sensor out. I then tried to slide the new pipe in... I bought the catted version, FYI the non-catted versions will install easier.


The pipe would not go in with this shield on. If you look at the pic I already have it loose, it is a little shield that was protecting a 1/2 shaft seal.





Here it is back on with the downpipe installed. It would not fit because it was right up against the cat. I ended up cutting some out of it, and found I couldnt get the bottom bolt for the shield in with the downpipe installed. In hinds site I should have cut the shield, re-installed, then put the downpipe back on.




I then went to the front pipe. This one is very easy and straight forward. The oil filter is in the the way but I was able to remove it with the filter on. Again I used a strong impact driver.




This one pops right into place, no hassle.





Here they are all hooked up.





here is what the inside of our turbos looks like.



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First off forgot to mention I used 5/8 on the downpipe nuts and 7/8 on the sensors. That little bracket I had a hard time with is 10MM. If you went non-catted you would have no problem with that bracket.




great job' date=' and nice pics, thanks and im sure this is gonna be very helpful to people who order this, so are you happy with the purchase as its a pretty expensive but great looking piece,?[/quote']


I say very work it! It sounds a little deeper/meaner. As mentioned more low end power. I havent seen a dyno but that 15 hp was peak, I am sure it makes more in the rpm range.


Intimate pixology :) Is that carboning on the turbo? Wouldn't that cause boost variability/power loss?


This is my first turbo car so I am not sure how they look after a few miles. Mine has just under 40K. Probably going to upgrade the turbos regardless :)

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Excellent writ-up and pictures! I'm looking forward to the dyno results at LMS.

"I ended up leaving the sensor on the pipe as I couldnt get a straight shot at it. Here is a shot the 3 nuts holding the downpipe. At this point I had already taken 1 off. Best way is a strong impact." I found that spraying rusted bolts with PB Blaster works pretty good.

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Thanks for the how-to Paul! Looking forward to hearing from the results in terms of sound, feeling, track and dyno results.

That said, I am wondering if Livernois will make some adjustments with their downpipes... It looks like you encountered some little issues. I am the worst mechanical guy on this forum, so for sure I will have to pay someone to have those installed next spring, but it would be cool if they would be direct bolts-on...

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Steve/Todd I know both of you could install these with the right tools. That is really the key, I have an air compressor and impact driver. The bracket was just an "oh that doesnt fit lets cut some of it off"..... As mentioned too that bracket would not interfere with the catless pipes, it was just the extra width around the cat that interfered.


All that said I doubt a reputable exhaust shop would charge much to install these. That front one is a 20-30 minute swap, it is just that rear/right one that gave me a few fits.

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I am running the Magnaflow with 3rd cat replaced by an X pipe and like darreli I really dont have any drone. After the exhaust it got louder at low RPMs and WOT acceleration. Now with the down pipes it has gotten a bit louder in the same conditions, not a bad louder, sounds good. At highway speeds it quiets down for the most part, you can still hear it a little but no droning.


Decided to take it in for a trans fluid flush, they say it will last 100K but better safe then sorry... So anyway she created some buzz with the service guys at the counter and even some of the mechanics. Everybody commented on how good it sounded.

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