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Ford name for belly pan? Anybody have a part number?

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Don't have the actual part number off hand for you.....


However, it lists around $200 from the Dealer, but I'm sure you can weasel them down a lil bit.


It's under the body parts subsection, and it's referred to as the lower deflector.


Here's a diagram if you need to show it to your parts counter.


It's listed here as number 6.




Hope that's of some help to you :noidea:

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My car is missing #10 as well. Not sure if it was ever there or if the dealer left it off during an oil change. At any rate' date=' at $150+...I don't see me being worried about it too much.[/quote']

Through trial and error, we have pretty much established that having it on really smooths air flow into the engine compartment, if that is a concern to you.

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