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Thank you Ford


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This evening my teenager was involved in a major accident. He walked away without a scratch due to the safety features of his Focus. The car was totaled. Not only was he saved by the air bags, but the front end of the car crumpled up like tissue paper adding more cushion to the impact. Thank you, Ford, for protecting my family.

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Glad that he is OK and unhurt! My son had a minor accident in our old 98 Taurus wagon, and the same result, neither he or the 2 friends with him were injured. So I think the safety issue goes back. BTW, my son's best friend just bought a 13 Focus that we helped steer him to, and it's nice to here that not only is it a nice car but a safe one. Again, glad that your son is OK.

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Oh wow!


Good to hear.


I've handled my fair share of collisions, accident investigations, and reconstructions in my time.....


It's always difficult being the bearer of bad news, so it's nice to hear a good story like this.


Thanks for sharing and thanks to the Engineers @ FMC :hail:


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