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Lowering the SHO tonignt....

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Tonight I begin the journey of lowering the SHO. (and maybe a little plasti dip) I will post some pics when I get a chance.





I noticed I didn't have to compress the H&Rs at all. I've only completed one wheel because it didnt seem correct so I stopped after the one wheel until I confirmed it was ok. Everything else went smoothly... (because Paul helped).

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I want to see stock VS Eibach VS H&R!



Same here! Pictures anyone?



Well, I don't think I have any that show Eibach's.....


However, I do have this old side by side shot of TaurusBuilder's (Greg's) SHO and mine.


His was stock suspension at that time, mine was with the H&R's (and were only in for like a month or so at the time this pic was captured).....



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You know if ejjp or I had a clue we would have taken a pic of the first time we parked em by each other. You could tell a difference stock vs eibach.


Stopped by after work to give him a hand. Mine parked in his drive with his on jack stands inside the garage door getting the springs would have been a great pic.... So many missed photo ops.


Anyway one of his fronts didnt go super smooth but both fronts are done and good now. Helped him get 1 rear but another obligation meant he had to stop 1 rear short. Hopefully we will finally get some pics tomorrow. We will get them back together to try and get an eibach vs H&R comparison.


He is playing with plastic dip and this thing is gonna look sharp!!

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Use Photobucket.....


That's like what 99.9% of use, and besides, it's free to upload your pics there and create an account likewise.


Once you've uploaded your images to their server, you will see a host of options in which to select from.


Use the thumb tab selection that enlcoses each image you choose to post, in the brackets.


Piece of cake.

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No prob Eric. Glad you got her back on the road! Does it drive decent? Mine did but the Eibachs dont drop that much... I drove around 2 days before I got an alignment.


I use Photo Bucket also. They just changed things up a bit but still pretty simple. When you are viewing the photos in your "library" you just hold your mouse on the upper right corner of a photo, select "media links", click once on the IMG code and it will copy, the paste in your post. As bpd stated it will appear as ......... but once you post the photo will appear there.

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Did everyone need an allignment after this?


I went with Eibachs and I would have to find the sheet. 1 end was still in spec but not perfect and the other was just barely out. The tech said I could have gotten away with driving it live that. That said he brought both ends back to dead nuts off. The H&Rs drop more so the guys with H&Rs have all been further out.

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