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Bored today, decided to monkey around with trunk badging a lil more.....

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Well, after helping out the Wife and kids with various chores in/around the house today, and finding myself incredibly bored afterwards, I decided to take advantage of the semi decent weather here in the Chi-Town area (temps in the mid/upper 50's) and chose to monkey around with my trunk badging a lil bit.


I can't recall off hand which member here also did something similar (only in relation to the color) but it inspired me to follow in the same manner, so to whoever it was, thank you.


I was recently provided with a couple of OEM 'SHO/EcoBoost' emblems, as well as the individual 'EcoBoost' emblems that come from the factory in black and chrome and are used on the Lincoln Eco products exclusively.


Well I opted to surgically remove the stock 'EcoBoost' emblem from the OEM 'SHO' badging, so that only the S-H-O remained.


I then hit those individual letters with a rattle can of Krylon Satin Black spray paint.


Removed the factory badging from my trunk lid, and replaced it with the newly painted letters, and Lincoln Eco badging.


My Wife and kids each commented that I now need to re-do the 'T A U R U S' letters (also in satin black) so that it matches.


I'm inclined to agree with them. But alas the sun is going down, temps are dropping off quickly, and I'm calling it day.


But I suppose it's a work in progress. But in the interim, here's at least a few of the images of what's been completed thus far:













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