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"How To" Install LED DRL's

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Installed some LED strip lights to use as Daytime Running Lamps. I ended up purchasing these Audi A5 R8 style self adhesive LED strip lights, that contain 21 SMD LED's:


I added additional wiring to run the wires to the fuse block under the hood, I soldered the joints and wrapped them well with electrical tape. FYI, with the strip lights I purchased, the silver wire is the positive wire and the copper wire is the negative wire.If anyone is interested, I will be glad to provide the place I purchased these lights.

I also purchased and "Add A Circuit" that I picked up at Advance Auto Parts.


This does not come with the fuse you must purchase or provide an additional fuse to power the added circuit, I used a 6 amp fuse for the lights.

Next I found a circuit that was only hot when the engine is running, I used fuse #46. I can't take credit for this, it was pointed out by a TCCA member who did a similar lights project.


I used the circuit which in this photo has the light blue fuse on the lower right hand side of the fuse block. Here are a few more photos to show how the "Add A Circuit" looks and works.



I ran the wiring from the LED strips to the fuse block and wired the positive wires to the Add-A-Fuse. You can see them attached in the above photo. Then I installed the Add-A-Circuit in the fuse block, it fits nicely and there is no need to cut anything out of the fuse box as there is enough space to allow the wire to exit the box.


I ran the ground wire to the frame and connected it. I also wrapped these wires with tape to protect them.


In this photo you can also see the postive wire exiting the fuse box.

Attached the LED strips to the bottom of the headlamps with the self-adhesive tape that comes on the lights, I used the bottom of the headlamp to make sure they were aligned.



Before I attached the LED strip lights I did clean the headlamps with alcohol wipes for better hold.

This is how they looked after attaching, they really don't stand out and most people won't even notice them.


The lights are on in this photo, and they are brighter then the photo shows. I finished this project by using zip ties to secure the wires to the strip lights.

And finally a photo I took as the sun went down this evening that shows the lights lit, I must say they are brighter then they appear in the photo.


I am pleased with how this project came out and the total cost was only about $35.00.

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I did not have to trim the LED strip, they are about 1/4" wide and less the 1/8" thick, they fit perfect along the bottom of the headlamp, and it did not require the removal of the headlight assembly. Since my lights have the Lamin-X tint the strips are almost the same shade as the headlight tint. I purchased the strips from iJDM toy.com. What I really like is that these LED's are produced in Japan not China.

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