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My GT500 In-Car footage from the National Anthem Flag Pull at the NASCAR EcoBoost 400

Livernois Motorsports

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It was truly an awesome experience, and you couldn't believe how much work goes into a performance like that. When the day of the race came, I felt honored, excited, and nervous all at the same time. We practiced for days to get the timing correct... and with 6 vehicles, it's difficult. I'm also used to racing in a straight line and I must say, cornering at 120-150 is a huge rush!


Much of our practice did not include the flag and driving under the flag is much different than out in the open.


We (Livernois) fitted both cars with smoke systems, similar to what you would see at an air show to add to the "cool factor". The cars basically had straight pipes from the manifolds back with a nice set of Corsa tips (no mufflers), so they were very loud. We were going off of voice command by handheld radios that were difficult to hear inside the cars.


We also had some hurdles to get through with NASCAR and them allowing the smoke kits. They had to be sure they weren't leaving anything on the track surface.


It's definitely not something I will forget.




Some photos


















My parents and I




Thanks for looking!




Rick LeBlanc

Livernois Motorsports

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