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Tint, plastic dip & stickers!

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Just got her back from getting window tint. Looks fantastic and as a bonus I dont get burned up by the low hanging winter sun!


Also go some summer tires mounted on the set of 20's I bought. I sprayed them with plastic dip and they turned out pretty good.


Last but not least I stuck a sticker of everybody I have used inside my Airaid box. Only missing is something from Livernois. I would do the windshield banner like many have done or a Livernois badge on the outside.















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Dave I used Performix flat black from Menards. It was in the spray paint section, up in the corner top shelf.


Yeah tss I still have it but decided it was pointless. If you notice I cut the side out of my box to get more air in... With the side cut out does that seal do anything? I decided not and pulled it (but kept it). Havent put the tires on the car yet..... There is a track day Jan 1 for New Years. If it is warm enough I will put them on and go.


mjh your engine cover looks great! Did LMS send you the badge or did you buy it? I have the meth kit, pipes, MyCal but they have never sent me a badge. Going to email Rick and ask how to get one.

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