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It's the first scratch that hurts the most


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We had light snow yesterday and temperature got below freezing point around 6pm. I told my wife to take my car to her dance class so I can retrofit HID in her Versa. I also insisted to drive super slow because of black ice and the SHO is still on summer tires. Guess what's next...







Rear passenger side. She was at 10-15 km/h (6-9 mph) per her saying.








Now alignment is off and there's a wobbling sound starting from 70 km/h (43 mph) that increases continously with speed like a worn out bearing. I haven't tried faster than 90 km/h (56 mph) because I got worried.



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I'd say it's definitely bent' date=' looks like its cracked as well. But there are places out there that can fix it like new.[/quote']


Hopefully the rim can be repaired. I should receive my winter tires and wheels by friday December 7th. Until then I have an appointment at my Ford dealer tomorrow 11am.




Does this seems legit?


2013 OE SHO wheel, 20in

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Also, your insurance should cover it, minus what ever the deductible amount. I know when I had mine replaced the retail was about $750.00 per wheel. Good luck in getting it repaired or replaced....look on the bright side, at least there isn't any body damage.

Don't know if it is true but when I bought the extended warranty, the dealer stated that it would cover wheel replacement...now I haven't looked to see if that was accurate but if you have an extended warranty, you might want to look into that route.

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