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Finally GOT OUR SHO!!

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After nearly a year of looking and looking and my wife not liking like every car every made we finally found one she did. and i just have to love my wifes taste.


we snagged this 2011 SHO. had 4,685(iirc) on it, every single option except the Performance Pack, which i was not interested in anyways. we stole it, considering it had a 46.9K sticker new.


so far after 24hrs we LOVE this thing. it is just amazing in its ability to literally do it all. its got S class Benz tech, AWD and for a big ole sedan it MOVES out. :thumb:




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thanks for the warm welcome. i dont really feel all that new, as i lurked and searched this site and sho forum for months learning all i could about the EB v6 and the sho.


i almost feel guilty, i havent looked at the stang since we picked this car up!!! its just so smooth and fun and most importantly relaxing to drive.

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