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Its TSB time.

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I have acquired all sorts of TSB's on the web for the SHO. I plan on calling my dealer tommorow to get an appointment for all of the issues that I have found the car to have. I have the knock/clunk (sounds like bad CV joints) when turning in either direction. Frustrating! :yield: All in all Ive made a list.


I want to check these out more. (Some supersede others I know, I made the list quick.)


TSB 10-6-1

TSB 10-6-2

TSB 10-14-2

TSB 11-5-3


These are known issues that I need addressed.

TSB 10-4-3

TSB 10-6-4

TSB 10-7-2

TSB 10-9-9

TSB 10-20-8

TSB 10-22-4

TSB 10-24-12

TSB 11-3-19


I am the second owner, And I really do not believe the first owner was car guy/gal. I plan on printing all of the TSB's to share with my dealer of the known issues for kicks. "I'm not good at explaining things, But these are". I really try to make things easier for my salesman, When I went to pick her up I told him "This will be the easiest delivery today, No need to pair my phone etc. I'll take care of it" He was stunned I think.


I am wondering, Has anyone had their car in for multiple TSB repairs on a single visit?

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When you have compiled the TSB in what you believe to be it's entirety, shoot me a PM when you're done with it and I will be sure to "sticky" your thread accordingly.


Thanks for taking the time to do this for your fellow owners and EB community members :thumb:


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