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Raced 2012 Ford Raptor Supercharged

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Just purchased and installed tuner stage 4 today. First race one of my Techs has a 12 Raptor with supercharger, headers, exhaust and custom tune. It is 598 hp and truck runs bad ass. We lined up and it was even till I hit 4th gear and started walking on him. Had to shut down because a large curve was ahead and didnt want to take it at 100 mph. It made my day and shut him up about how bad his truck is:clap2:

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Very nice. However, I would argue about 3rd and 4th gear being the strongest... Because of AWD, our big advantage is the launch... Until 60mph with a tune, the SHO will beat most of the cars in the street... Actually mine with meth, I never lose until 60, never... I raced Corvettes, Shelbys, AMG, RS4, Camaros, SRT8, name it... However, after 60, our AWD, weight and aerodynamics are slowing us down compare to others and on the highway or at the track on the second half of the 1/4 mile, the AMG and Shelbys are catching me. I do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds and 0-125 in about 14 seconds... A SLS AMG will do the 0-60 in about the same(if they can grip), but 0-125 in 11 seconds. So, I would say that 1st and 2nd is where the money is, but you don't see it that much because in 4 seconds you don't have time to pull out the other car...

It would take about 5 seconds to catch up for a 1.80 versus 2.00 launch in the first 60 ft... This is where the SHO stands out imo.

But I am still impressed with the 60-125, but I would bet against most cars on the first 300ft, but not pn the highway.


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