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Dyno technique for proper readings

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Getting my car dynoed today and was just thinking this is probably going to be a pain. In sport mode if you shift it up to 4th is still downshifts at WOT. Now, you can immediately shit back up to 4th but I'm sure the low end torque reading will be inaccurate. I read an article about PickupTrucks.com getting valid readings from a 2nd gear pull in an EB F150.


What seems to be the most successful method?


I'm used to always Dynoing stick cars.

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Put it manually using paddles and make sure you start in first gear and that you see 1 (not the car downhill sign). Then, press gas progressively and shift until you pass about 40 mph. Now you can put it in 4th... Press gas progressively leaving it in 4th to the maximum before it downshifts and at a certain speed you can start to press firmer and it remains in 4th. Then you can push it more and more until ending with a WOT... I have never seen anyone doing a dyno with a WOT from beginning.

Go see videos of Livernois dynoing SHO and the sound of the engine should give you a good idea of bow to manage the pressure on the gas. Good luck and keep us informed of the results.

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Wheelbase was a few inches too long to fit on the rollers. 4hr round trip for nothing.


BTW, I was playing around on the interstate. You could get a fairly full range pull in 4th. Manually put it in 1st, go WOT, then quickly shift it up to 4th while still at WOT. A lot easier than gently easing into each gear and you'll get a better graph. I'm trying another dyno after the 1sr of the year and ill give it a try.

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