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2010 SHO - Heat/AC issue

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Hey guys,


New to the board. Just wanted to see/read my options on here. No one really, from what I've read, has this exact issue. I have some ideas floating in my head, but wanted thoughts/suggestions first.


My 2010 SHO is great, but I noticed on Friday that when I had the dual climate control set, mine was at a steady 72 and feeling good. When I had my mom in the car, her side was blowing insanely hot heat. I tried putting the DCC on her side at the lowest settings, nothing. Tried turning the AC/air circulation button on, nothing worked. The more I turned the blower on, the hotter and faster the hot air blew.


I have read up on it, seems like I can reset the battery connection (- one) and see if that works, or just bite the bullet and go to the dealer.


Thanks for the input in advance!

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Ive had the same issue when i forget to refill the flux capacitor. The fix is a few more banana peels in the Mr Fusion up front and you are good to go.



All kidding aside, in my no where even close to expert opinion, it might be worth just going to the dealership. Is it still under some warranty?

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Check out this Sticky list for how-tos ...


Direct link to the relevant post for B.D.A. work:




Hopefully your extended warranty covers bumper2bumper and not just powertrain?

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