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Hello all!


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Welcome aboard! Glad to have seen that you made it on over here to the new home of many of us EcoBoost owners.


Have fun troll'n the boards and learning all that you can while eagerly awaiting the day that comes when you can boast owning an EB engine yourself!


We all look forward to your involvement here :thumb:




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Hello all! Not an owner of an ecoboost ford but hopefully one day itll happen! Love the ecoboost motors that ford is pumping out. Love the information here. great to be here!


Welcome TD -- glad to have you along here.

Hope to see you in an EcoBoost soon.


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Welcome. Any race tracks on Honolulu? Have always wondered......


The only raceway in Honolulu, Hawaii Raceway Park, closed in 2005. It was owned by a politician in the state legislature that retired, and he just no longer funded it. Plus, he was getting inundated with fines from the dept of health about the restrooms and concession stands. It was supposed to be reopened like 2 years ago, but the state decided to use the property for something else.


We have a raceway park called Kalaeloa Raceway that was opened last year, by a private group with donations from the community and from different businesses. Its all sand, has a small rally course and a sand drag 1/4 mile track. Its not really what everyone else wants, but its a start. the only open racetracks in the state is on the island of Hawaii, and the island of Maui. really sucks.

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