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Future ECO Flex owner from Federal Way, Wa.


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Hello, we just ordered a 2013 Flex, expected delivery in 2 months ish.

Details are,

2013 Ecoboost Limited Flex, 7 pass, Ruby Red metallic, Titanium package (blk roof blk wheels), tow package,

Had to order it, due to the options we did not want. :decision:

Also to try to limit the cost a tiny bit.



First mod will be the MRT axle back exhaust.

maybee some meth down the road.

Also having thoughts of deleting / or tinting, painting the last of the Chrome on the car also.


Nice site.:)


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:welcome: Glad you've joined us. If you are going to mod the Flex, I would consider a tune from Livernois Motorsports...it is a great improvement to a great vehicle engine and the best performance mod you can do for the price. Hope you post up some photos of the new ride when you get it.

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Thanks, it is ordered from Fugate Ford in Enumclaw.

We got the number we wanted so the deal was done.

MSRP was 49,xxx. We got it for 43k , with our trade dropped it to 40k + tax, lic, etc.

not the best price in the region lol, but very happy with it for our area atleast.


Yes, all the reading I have done, when its time it sounds like it will be Livernoise.


I figure we will let it break in and rack up a few miles, in case there is any issues that pop up with the car.

After we feel like its proved itself, then we plan to.

I am a firm believer that firming up the shifts will help let the weak link (the trans) live longer hopefully.


My "94 lightning", has a 393 t-70 turbo @ 512 rwhp its only @7 psi, Its got alot left on tap, so its the go fast car, (truck LOL).

when that runs out I got a precision 76mm on the shelf also.

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