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Speedin Bob

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New to this forum.


Been around the SVT Lightning/Harley Davidson F150 circles since 1999 and a Ford guy for a long time.


Wife and I are looking to buy a Ford Flex and, naturally, an EcoBoost would be the preferred power plant.


I'll search where I can but please excuse noob questions in advance.





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Welcome aboard Bob :welcome:


Glad to have you here. Best of luck in your pending purchase of an EcoBoost Flex :thumb:


Enjoy all the info posted here thus far, and i'm sure the EBOF community will likewise, enjoy hearing about your experiences, as well as w/e info you might be able to provide as well.


Mike :yo:


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I love my EcoBoost SHO. It's absolutely a thrill to drive. No regrets.


I have driven a Flex for work before and let me tell you, you sure can put a lot of stuff in those. I was shocked how much it would carry. I really enjoyed driving it too. My one comment is "pay attention to the ergonomics". I drove it over 1,000 miles and had trouble getting comfortable. When I got the seat right, I couldn't get the steering wheel right. If I got the steering wheel in a good spot, I couldn't get the seat right. This wasn't a space thing either, more just a positioning problem. This was a couple years ago so maybe ford has fixed this but I just wanted to throw it out there.


I hope you get an EcoBoost soon. You w

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  • 2 months later...

The search is over and an Ecobooooost Flex is in the Stable.


Specifically, a 2011 Tuxedo Black Titanium edition w/ 25K miles.


Figuring out all the bells and whistles. Baby seat, old school Ford Motorsport license plate frame, and Social Distortion 'Skelly' hitch cover for garnish.


Gratuitous imagery.





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