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BPD1151's 2010 SHO Lowered On H&R's.....

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No, there's no conspiracy, or theft, or Photoshop'n of any kind tyvm....


The two alternate plates ( "MOVE OVER" & the "SHOCAGO" ) are both novelty plates.


There is/was a friend of mine who lives in the Northern Chi-Town 'burbs that owns them & brought them with for our photoshoot.


He thought it'd be a cool trick to play for the various pics. I liked 'em, but unfortunately had to return them at the end of the day.


I have since ordered up my own set of look-a-like plates with my own humble variation of words/letters....


No, I won't tell 'ya what I chose, but I will post pics of them on my SHO & will be sure to use them for any & all remaining photos that get posted from this point forward..... I can tell you though that my wife was not approving of them & said I was dumb.


Tee hee hee.... I guess that already reaffirms how cool they actually are.... bwahahahaha :thumb:

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