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Jus picked it up from the performance parts building at my dealership and cant wait to put it on. I know it wont do much by itself but this is step one of the process. Next is my cat back and tune. Just curious for those that have a cai...did you notice any difference? power? sound? mpg?



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Yeah...i figure it wont do much for me by itself. But i was hoping for a little something and maybe .5 mpg or something. Eventually it will pay for itself...at least thats how I will sell it to the wife. lol


Ahhhh....selling to wife, sounds familiar! Anyway, I did experience a slight increase in gas mileage after the Airaid install. My mileage increase was anywhere from .1-.4 mpg, not much but noticeably better when tracking mileage. I do believe I had the tune before I installed the Airaid. Also I highly recommend getting the pre-filter for the CAI, it really keeps the filter much cleaner, it won't allow bugs, leaves, and other large gunk to get to the filter or trapped in the pleats, it's well worth the cost!


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