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New to the forum, Hello!!


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Hello everyone,


I've been surfing EBOF for a few weeks now, Just purchased a premium membership. The amount of knowledge on this forum is worth 10x the cost of the membership.


I have a new to me 2010 red candy non PP sho (24,000 mi). I love it!! I've had two other sho's in my time 90, 97, the 2010 is by far the best. Pics to follow once the weather breaks and I can clean her up.


No serious mods yet. Just an interior trunk light upgrade to led strips. I posted the details here if your interested. http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/showthread.php?1459-What-did-you-to-do-your-ECOBOOST-today&p=22092#post22092


More mods to come as time allows

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Welcome :welcome:


I saw your trunk LED upgrade post, and very VERY nice for sure! :hail:


TY for coming out from behind the shadows, and actually registering. :thumb:


Glad to have you hear, and I'm sure with your history and background of with the SHO's will be appreciated by our membership.


Again, welcome aboard and we all look forward to your involvement here on EBOF!


Mike :yo:

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