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Key FOB cover......

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Yup! Got the Black one. What color did ya get?


Also, I have been looking for these company's that have aftermarket stuff for the SHO.

With my Shelby Mustang there are quite a few places like American Muscle and so on.


Seems like more and more places online are starting to carry things for the 4th Gen SHO.


Try Carid.com


Went all radical and ordered red....woohoo....:cheer2:


Yeah, aftermarket is trying to catch up with our SHO's -- Good to see.

CarId is on my radar too -- Good sight.



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Just received my key fob covers! They work great! Easy to install and really protect the fob and prevent accidental pushing of the buttons. Service was super fast and the colors are nice and bright...these covers get 2 thumbs up from me. Also the way they go on leaves easy access to the emergency key!:RpS_thumbsup:

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