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Please welcome our newest vendor...


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AIW and their MyCalibr8or device!


The MyCal touch-screen offers 480x272 resolution and 24-bit color. It has six built-in themes: Classic, Sport, Neon, Sport 2, Metal, and Night. Don’t see a built-in theme you like? Create your own using the MyCal skin editor. Tired of your current theme? Switch it out anytime.




  • Gauges (What gauges do you want to see today? The MyCal gauges are totally customizable. Want to view the relationship of 2 or 3 parameters; put them together on 1 screen. Want to see 24 at once? MyCal can do that too. Pick a theme to match your vehicle or even your own personality. Like dial gauges or digital gauges better? Or maybe graphing is more your style? It’s all up to you.)
  • Datalogging
  • Drag Strip Testing Mode
  • Horsepower and Torque Dyno Mode
  • Acceleration Test
  • Braking Test
  • Lap Timer
  • Multimedia Player
  • Tuning w/ Easy File Storage/Transferring via SD Card
  • and MORE!



  • Add the navigation module which includes turn-by-turn mapping, voice guidance, 2-D/3-D views, the latest maps, and more for $199
    Currently, the only company with licensing for EcoBoost vehicles is Livernois Motorsports in Dearborn Heights, MI.
    Thank you,


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This is a very cool device!


We have one that I've been playing with for a few months now. Darreli also has one.


If you have more than one EcoBoost vehicle an additional license can be purchased to use one device for two vehicles.


Here is a flyer I created for the device


The device itself can be seen in the top right corner.




It can be found on our site here


Thank you,



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Welcome Aboard the EB Owner Forums! :wave:


Glad to have your company here! :thumb:


Certainly a fine addition to the growing community of members and businesses that support FMC's line up of EcoBoost Powered Vehicles.


My wallet grows smaller and smaller with each new aftermarket product that comes online.... and this product will certainly contribute to that mod addiction :eyebrows:


Thank you for supporting our "home" and may the business and friendship relationships created prove to be beneficial for all.



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