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Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Sneak Preview Pics......


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Oh what a treat to say the least. Thought I'd tickle all of your fancy's by posting some of these sneak preview shots of the brand new Taurus Police Interceptor, pics of which were snap'd off here in Chi-Town where they are getting produced.


Fresh off the assembly line(s) and for my fellow EB members viewing pleasure only (as these have not been posted anywhere else tyvm).


Cool pics and I thought it was interesting that they're using the 2013 body design, while still simultaneously producing the "older" (2010-2012) body design for the Civilian models of Taurii.....


Enjoy :RpS_w00t:





















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Mike' date=' did you get to actually sit in the car? If you did how was the comfort level for working out of it? Was there plenty of room if you were wearing full uniform and duty belt?[/quote']


Nope, didn't sit in it, don't know about any perceived comfort levels, etc.


I can tell you though, that in comparison to the five new Chevy's our agency just purchased (Impala's), these PI Taurii look HUGE!


Due entirely to FMC's inability to get these out the door sooner, our agency was forced to pick up those 5 new Chevy's and I was told that there will be no additional orders for those supposedly. They are (and have been) interested in these new Taurus PI's but just couldn't purchase any due to the constant production delays.


So maybe I'll be able to answer those questions in due time! Hell I can even post up new pics of our own PI squads someday :thumb:


I should probably snap off a few pics of those new Chevy's too just for poops and giggles :noidea:

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Does anyone know if Ford beefed up the transmission on the Ecoboost Police Interceptor? I know some forum members have, at some point in time, voice their concern about the tranny on the SHO to be a weak link as they go up in horsepower and torque with their mods.

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No changes that I am aware of in the PI tranny. I also believe that some of those initial concerns about the tranny being a weak link were maybe shortsighted and premature.


Since the two tranny's that I am aware of that blew, further study into the transmissions actually showed they were/are much more stout than originally thought.


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