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I was at school today, I am in the ford asset program, and we were sitting around doing nothing so I unhooked the exhaust right behind the two spring things. (not sure of the official name but know there purpose.) IT SOUNDED COOL AS HELL. I wonder if there is any chance of ill effect? All the sensors and monitors and o2's and stuff are before that point. There is nothing behind the springs except resignators and mufflers. Anyone have any ideas???

btw I connected it back up and there were no cel or anything after running it disconnected for a few minutes.

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You could leave it disconnected, but I would at a minimum put a set of turn down on it, or have a set of new straight pipes made for that section you just disconnected.


Turbo car, less back pressure is a good thing. Besides that, he still has 3 cats, and a center resonator to go through first before you get to the axle back.

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