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Hey everyone


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Mark here, changed name from what I used on the other forum, markathome. I have a 2010 SHO in Cinnamon Metallic, ACC, NAV, Black on black interior, multi-contour seats, 20" wheels. There were only 199 built in this color and of those, only 94 had black/black interior. Mine was built in Feb 2010 and is a 'Job2' car.


I've only had two issues in the year I've owned it, one was a drivers window seal that folded into the track. I also had the issue with the gear position indicator. I tracked down a rough idle by finding the two wires rubbing on the engine block and re-routed those.


I love my SHO and enjoy all the attention it grabs. Most cool moment was coming out late one weekend night from laser tag and a small crowd of folks taking pictures with their cell phones. I've always wanted a SHO and almost pulled the trigger on a black/black '92 SHO, just couldn't swing the payments at that point in my life.


I've uploaded pictures and some Ford media info on the SHO to my profile album.

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Welcome aboard Mark! Glad to see you have made it over here to the great EB!


I truly think that you will come to find that this will definitely be your new home!


Awesome to have you here and the membership is top notch, no b.s. my friend.....


Enjoy enjoy enjoy! :thumb:




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A hearty welcome, Mark -- glad you made it over here. You'll see lots of familiar faces and enjoy a very friendly atmosphere.


Nice to have your Cinnamon SHO here......Love that colour and would have had it were it available for us at the time in Canada.




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