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My poor SHO got hit!

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Here's what happened... I was on a 40mph road that has a fairly gentle curve to the right, I was in the right lane. I could see well ahead and noticed 3 cars that were stopped, because the one in front wanted to learn left into Gander mountain. So as I am coming up these cars, I am always scared on this particular road when there is 3 impatient rush hour type people waiting for a car to turn left, I see no turn signals, but as I am passing the last car in line, BAM! Starting from under my mirror there is scratches going all the way to the back of my car. Then where her mirror broke off there is dent right under my rear-door-handle. It will not lock/unlock anymore.


I got hit by another Ford Taurus, of ~2002 vintage. The police came out and did some sort of report and let her off with a warning... You hit my SHO and all you get is a warning? haha. She was mildly attractive. Maybe that's why. I think in general the officer was a nice guy and doesn't want to write tickets for minor fender benders.


Now, I have regular collision, which means a $1000 deductible... So I have to go after her insurance, or deal with her directly to get my $1000 back. I hope that all goes smoothly, she seemed nice and willing to help and she has a good job, so she'd be able to come up with the money. I guess it depends if she wants to file a claim or not.


Also I don't know if I am crazy, but I think I am hearing more road noise than I did before the accident... It doesn't sound like the kind you'd hear from wind rushing over dents either...

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That's why I got the mini tort coverage here in Michigan..... if the accident is not your fault, you don't need to go after the other person's insurance company or personally yourself. Something to think about when it's time to rnew your insurance. I honestly don't know how much more I pay for that coverage. And, sorry to hear about your accident.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! I got an estimate yesterday, came in at 3 grand.


They are going to put on new door skins, redo some trim and they will be pretty much be repainting the entire drivers side of the car.


They also showed me that my drivers door had been re-skinned once before.

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