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2013 World of Wheels - Tuner Galleria Show Pics Thread.....


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As I stated in my previous thread, I entered my moderately modified 2010 Taurus SHO into the 2013 Tuner Galleria show, which was held indoors, in conjunction with the World of Wheels event at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.


I was gracious enough to have walked away with THE TOP TROPHY for 'BEST FORD' .


The trophy itself wasn't terribly big, but the two $500 Gift Certificate's, one from AEM Intakes, the other from R1 Concepts, over shadowed that....


Below are just a VERY small sampling of the various cars on display throughout the event itself.


Mind you, there were almost 700 vehicles on display, not including all of the motorcycles. Two solid floors of wall to wall eye candy, including some decent looking models.


Speaking of which, while the judging team was critiquing my vehicle, conveniently, the Official Lingerie Show was going on at the same time, and as I was obligated to stay with my car to answer any of the judge's question(s), etc. I was unable to break away and capture the ladies parading around in their rather skimpy undies.....


Ggggrrrrr....... :frusty:


But anyhoo..... onto the pics...... enjoy! :thumb:







































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Here is the trophy I was awarded...... as well as the entire crew from SHOCKWAVE CUSTOMS (located in Frankfort, IL.).


We cleaned up pretty well overall, having won many top trophy's for various vehicles, as well as the owner of the shop having won 'Best Of Show' for his insanely modified, 900whp Corvette.....










Hope y'all enjoyed the images I captured!


Thanks for taking the time to check 'em all out :thumb:

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Yes, yes, and yes Steve.......


Patience my friend, patience :nono:


I had to closed the thread while I was updating it, and adding all of the pics.


Took a lil bit of time, as each post, and any subsequent posts, are limited to only 20 images total.


I didn't want to have members comment while I was still in the midst of completing the uploads / attachments.


But now that all of the images I captured are there, the thread's been re-opened, so comment away good people. :typing:


Steve, how'd you like them? :confused:

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Congrads on winning Ford portion of the show. I'll bet that made a lot of pony owners none to happy, which is fine by me. Pics where great. I go to a lot of cars shows & what you did very well was presentation. All the little things like having your certificate mounted & rest of items really set your beaut of a SHO off & it also doesn't hurt having a pretty girl in your booth. I assume that was your sister. Anyway pics great, award well deserved. I know a couple pony men when I bought my SHO called it a Taxi. After riding in it there was no more of that talk.


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I got that comment by a Mustang guy at the drag a out my car looking like a taxi. I answered him that I could fit his Mustang in my trunk and give him a ride on the 1/4 mile against his other friend's Mustang and still beat him...

He friendly laughed and did 't mean no disrespect. He asked me in redemption if I wanted to race him... You can see the video on youtube 12.12 seconds, new world record against his 2012 5.0 manual that ran 13.3.

Point proven, hand shake after the race and It surely felt very good! Lol love my taxi! It surely surprise many people... It is our job to continue to educate the non believers! :)

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To educate the Pony's in STL is why I'm trying to get my SHO ready for the annual July Ford Unlimited Show. The pres was real excited to hear from me & my desire to show my SHO. I would have to go basically in an open class R. Not expecting to win as mine is a DD, but very gently done. Getting ready when weather gets warmer to get plasti-dip out & do some more visual mods. Would love to tune it, but I've got still 4 1/2 years of factory warranty left & since mine was a fairly early '10, I worry about the engine long term. Mine is sure not a sleeper with my badging & pipes, but nothing like yours, love what you've done with the 3m wrap & the rest. Would love a pic of what you painted on your engine cover. Been thinking of it & the theme. Only thing I can come up with is a pic of a snaringly bull with smoke coming out his nosetrils. By the way for Mike in Chi Town, when I open my trunk & people see how big it is. I say it was made in Chi Town, so had to have enough room to carry around 2 dead bodies!!!!!!


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