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Good Morning from New London Ct.


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Just joined the forum, I have a 2011 F150 Lariat w/3.5 twin turbos. Looking to do some add on mods. Have already added Pace Edwards

tonneau cover, Inner Rear wheel wells, Have purchased mud flaps but have yet to put them on, to cold outside, and not enough room

in the garage. Have added carhart seat covers, Bed Mat, I just built a storage spot under the rear seat, Made it from oak boards & sealed it with poly to match the trim. Looks good, Thats about it for now.

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Welcome aboard :wave:


Super cool you've made it on board here at the wonderful new EB Forums community!


Site could definitely use more F150 EB owners such as yourself to contribute, that being said, please do post up pics of that beauty and keep the entire community updated as your mod list expands :thumb:


You joined the right place to start the deflation of your wallet and increase the debt on those credit cards :doh:


Please be sure to post any of the mods that you're gonna do, along with product links and even an occasional "how-to" to help out your fellow F150 owners. Thanks.

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I've seen a couple boosted F series in the parking lot where I work. I really like the latest style of the model. Paired with the Ecoboost your ride is one of the highest demanded trucks in production. I've read that the demand for your model has limited the number of SHO's produced.


The quad cab in metallic blue is my favorite. Is Ford going to introduce the Lincoln Mark series of this platform?

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Welcome! How are the streets there? Always have heard European streets can be narrow' date=' and wondered if a full size truck would have any issues fitting. Congrats on the purchase![/quote']

Hey Paulford, I think you may have skimmed over cranfam's post a little too quickly...he's more 'local' -- in New London Ct.


From memory yes the roads in England are very narrow and not easily navigated, but that was from some time ago.

Nothing like our wide open roads and spaces we enjoy in N.A.




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