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TPS Fault

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Probably everyone here but me knows this but.....just in case someone else does not, this is what I just learned. The spare (I don't have a PP) has a sensor and will cause a fault reading if it gets below 35 lbs. I guess I forgot to check the spare when doing the others, and when I got the fault I stopped ASAP and checked all four corners and they were right where I set them. A few days later at exactly the same stretch of road, I got another fault. A call to my service manager and I got the reminder to check the spare. Sure enough it was down from 60 lbs. to 35 lbs. OOPS!

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When I read this, I thought your Throttle Position Sensor failed. TPMS sensor monitors the tire pressure ;)


PS: This is just my OCD brain making a post and it completely irrelevant. Have a great Friday!


PPS: Good tip though, thanks.



Thats what I was thinking from the title of the thread lol. Damn ford even monitors the spare tire pressure lol.

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