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New England Dragway Charity Challenge bracket racing

Night Hawk

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Hey all,

Just wondering is any(3) fellow ecoboosters out there care to join me for a charity challenge bracket Dragrace competition at the end of April at New England Dragway in Epping NH. I will be leading a team for the charity of http://www.teamzoecancersucks.com If we pull it off, the winning proceeds go to that cancer foundation. Its bracket so the most consistent wins. THe only requirements is that you have at least a Snell 2005 and up helmet, long pants and closed toe shoes to run. The team fee is $125.00 which would be split by me and the additional three drivers, plus I believe 30.00 track fee per driver. Food and refreshments are served and its always a great time. The track conditions are always really good with a killer D/A. Even if you get knocked out of the comp they let you run the remainder of the day. I'll post the link as well. Sorry so long but its a great cause and alot of fun. Plus it will be a heck of a way to rep the platform and this site and make Momma Ford smile at the vids. Here is the link

https://sites.google.com/site/eddaycharitychallenge/ Lets win one for Zoe!!

John aka(hawk)

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I believe it is a 5 hours drive from Montreal, but I'd love to participate. I'll see if I can make a little trip to Boston at the same time. If I was single, I could confirm it right now. But, with wife and two young girls, work and the fact that I already am going to Detroit at Livernois this summer will make it harder to convince my wife...

The timing is not optimal to ask now, but I'll try next week.


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