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Car at the dealer, anyone know the problem?

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So I'm planning on getting a tune soon and just to be on the safe side I took my car to the dealer for a few minor problems hoping my ESP would cover at least some of them. One of the problems was that my key fob would randomly not be recognized by the car (sometimes would go a week without recognizing it, sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes "no key detected" would appear on the dash while driving, etc). After seeing that the fob had already been updated as much as it could, they swapped out some part in the dash which I'm assuming the key fob connects to (I forget the exact name & can't read her handwriting on the bill). They call me & tell me everything is good to go so I go over to pick it up and they try starting it to back it out and it doesn't start. I didn't see it myself but the tech said that when he tried to start it, a message appeared in the dash saying something about "faulty start". I don't know the exact phrase but it was that plus another word.


I guess it really won't make a difference and sorry that I don't have a whole lot of information to give, but does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? The tech said it was working fine right before I got there and that he had started it a couple times. This was Wednesday night and as of Thursday at 1:00 PM (last I talked to them) they still had no idea what the problem was. I was just thinking maybe if they hadn't made any progress (which would be annoying, I've already gone 1.5 weeks without this car for some very minor problems!) by tomorrow I could point them in the right direction if anyone here has experienced this before.


Car is a 2010 SHO no PP by the way.

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Just taking a guess, based on the limited info you were able to provide.....


I would say that maybe they replaced the SJB (or Smart Junction Box) and it probably required a reprogram or resync (with your fobs) to recognize them and in turn, allow the vehicle to start as it should.


Again, just a guess though.

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Sorry, I forgot that they attached a parts list page with the bill. This is the part they replaced: http://www.wholesalefordparts.com/p/__35PDTD-35L-DOHC-4v-Turbo/RECEIVER---RADIO-REMO/9261114/AA5Z15K602F.html


Any idea what could have happened when replacing that to make the "faulty start" message appear on the dash & not allow the car to start?

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I have had the "No Key Detected" message a few times when I had the fob in my pocket, and I just assumed that the car wasn't receiving the fob. If I took the fob out of my pocket the car always would start. It's only happened a handful of times and not in the past 6-8 months. I know this sounds simple but has the fob been checked to make sure it's transmitting or that the batteries are producing enough power?

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The key fob works fine. I'm assuming it has been fine the whole time and that it was the part that it connects to in the dash that was the problem (I have replaced the batteries & at my work we have a key fob tester thing and it has never not worked on that). My question is what would make the "faulty start" appear on the dash after replacing that part?


EDIT: Just looked up the online manual and found this:

STARTING SYSTEM FAULT (if equipped) — This message is

displayed when there is a problem with your vehicle’s starting security

system; your vehicle will not be able to start. See your authorized dealer

for service.


Sounds like nothing anyone would be able to help with :(. I guess I'll just wait till Monday and hope they have it figured out. Thanks for the help.

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