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Best way to deal with dog hair?

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I have a 9 year old Pug (Sherman) who sheds like a mofo...and as a result his hair is all over my Mustang's interior, but its not nearly as bad as my Fiancee's Escape with cloth seats....its almost impossible to get out of the carpet or the felted area on my Mustang seats that are up against the center console. Anyone got have any suggestions on how to clean it out?

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I have a Dalmatian whose hair is like pine needles, it kinda weaves itself into the carpet and upholstery. I try my best to use the vacuum cleaner to get most of it but what doesn't come out I've used duct tape wrapped in a circle inside out and go over areas that still hold dog hair. it doesn't get every single hair but will get most. What I can't get, I will use hand and fingers to rub over the hair and gather it into a pile (this works in areas where you can't get the vacuum or a piece of tape) then vacuum up the gathered hair and if there is some left, go over it with another piece of tape, sticky side out.

BTW. my Dal has never been in the SHO, but it's amazing how much of her hair gets into the car off of people's clothing. Heck, I even have one single hair that somehow managed to get under my screen protector on the Nav system...decided to leave it there since you can't notice it, and just because she's a great dog! lol

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