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Fastest Lincoln MKT on the planet!


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Not too difficult... Am I the only one that has a tuned MKT? lol

Anyways, only mod is LMS stage 4+, that's it.

It was the opening day at the Napierville dragway and since my SHO is not yet ready, I decided to baptize my wife's 2010 EB MKT.

Temperature was close to 50F, little tailwind (about 5mph) and DA was at an advantageous -750ft! Very good conditions!

It still did better than expected.


I started the day with a bad launch (2.25s for 60') and did a 13.97s.

Then hit the track right after and did a better launch (2.08) and ended the 1/4 mile in 13.54s. at 102.99mph.


I waited a bit and went back, still lower at 13.41...


Then waited more and all my next runs were in the 13.3's around 103+mph.


My best run has been:


13.341 seconds at 103.27mph with a 60' of 2.022 seconds. (I did a run of 13.35 with a 60' of 1.998 seconds).


Backed up with :

13.346 at 103.05

13.359 at 103.23

13.359 at 102.93

13.388 at 103.10

13.394 at 103.25


So I am very pleased with the results. Thanks again Livernois!


BTW, I was racing a stock Jeep SRT8 that was running 13.1-13.2's and I was cutting better lights, but very close races!




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I'm loving the Hot Rod Lincoln theme. Now I really can't wait to get mine to the track!



Is it modded gpfarrell?

13.3 to beat my friend. You will enjoy (as I have) the surprised looks of the others!



Mine is an MKS... 4+ and Eibachs. I think I migh have an unfair weight advantage... Although if my car's quickest turns out to be a 13.3 I'd still be pleased.



What do you mean by weight advantage? Is it because of my panoramic roof?

Can you please post a picture with eibach? Thanks!


Steve THE DARK FORCE is clouding you sight. HIS LINCOLN not MKT but MKS, there by a wt. advantage.

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