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Need a new windshield!! Bummer

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I took the SHO for a ride up to NY this past weekend. My mileage was 25.6 MPG on the way up and 23.1 MPG on the way down. 270 miles each way. Great riding car on the road. Sitting at 80 on the NJTPK is very smooth.


HWOEVER................driving home yesterday passing a truck I catch a small rock/stone fly out from under a tire and thwack, there it hits the windshield right above the drivers side wiper. Sure enough there are 5 little spider legs coming out from the crack. SHIT!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me. The car is 3 months old, 3xxx miles on the clock and this?????? I called my ins co USAA and they gave me the safelight repair center to fix it. I went there during lunch today and after being explained to that in the repair it could break more and not be repairable, and it's not supposed to be cosmetic blah, blah, blah, I agree to try to repair it.


The guy is working on it and feeling very confident that all is going to be fine no problem, ccccrack, the spider line start running 8-10 inches from the initial dime size area. This windshield is done, toast, finished.


They are now going to come to my work tomorrow to replace the windshield. I want OEM glass, Carlite and special attention needs to be taken to the auto wipers and auto high beam function.


I know things could be worse like I could have had a brick fly up and cause an accident but I am just pissed that this is where I am. I really don't like having stuff like this done as I believe that it is best left alone from the factory. Anyhow..........tomorrow it should be taken care of.


Has anyone had their windshield replaced? Any issues to discuss?


Thanks for reading along.



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Didn't have the windshield in the SHO replaced, but did have to replace on in our old 98 Taurus wagon. You could actually see daylight between the windshield and the edge of the car around the passenger side with just a slight pressure against the inside of the windshield. The windshield place explained that it is fairly difficult to remove a windshield without it breaking, so we agreed to have a new windshield installed. Never had a problem with the new windshield. The old windshield did shatter when they attempted to remove it. Anyway, I agree with your decision to have an OEM windshield installed. I have never had any bad reports about Safelight, other then the repair that they attempted on your windshield isn't invisible like they show on the TV commercials...I know another of my friends had them do the repair and you can still see the damage inside the car...and it was only about 1/4" in diameter.

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I ordered my MKS and was obviously anxious for it to arrive - I had been bugging the dealer to death. Finally, the dealer called me and told me that it was on a truck from the rail yard and would be at the dealership in about 1/2 hour. They explained that it wouldn't be cleaned up or ready for delivery but I could come and see it if I wanted to. I left work and raced to the dealership just as they were unloading it from the truck. Guess what...the windshield was broken all to hell - it had taken a rock somewhere either on the train or the truck.


Long story short: They replaced the windshield with OEM (Lincoln logo on it) and made sure all of the headlight and windshield wiper sensors worked properly. It was every bit as good as new - and I am fussy as they come.


I also had the windshield replaced in my old Lincoln LS and it was perfect. You will be fine as long as they use OEM and it is a reputable outfit. They do it every day.

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Now that you are feeling better, I do have a question. You said they are coming to your work...will there be two people? I watched one guy replace a windshield in my company parking lot a few months ago. He used some sort of tool to manhandle it but it appeared that it could be done more precisely with a guy on each side. They did mine in the shop - two guys carefully positioning it. I know they do it remotely all the time but I personally would prefer it be done in a shop.

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